①I:How to choose a 10G transceiver when the transmission distance is 40~60km?

    A:There are two standard products 40km and 80km for SFP+/XFP, when the transmission distance is within 40km, it is recommended to use the SFP+/XFP 40km transceiver; when the transmission distance is over 40km, a 80km transceiver is recommended.

    ②I:Can we print our own brand or logo on your products?

    A:Yes, it is our pleasure to be one of your OEM manufacturer in China.We have silk print machine in our own factory,package can also be customized.

    ③I:Data center optical module manufacturers have garnered massive market attention in this trend

    A:With the rapid development of cloud computing and big data, the data center market is still growing rapidly. Data center optical module manufacturers have garnered massive market attention in this trend. Yoranco has received a lot of orders and accumulated customer numbers in the storage, enterprise network market. Meanwhile, the change in IDC network traffic has put forward new demand for the construction of Telecom network architecture. IDC data center, as an important infrastructure, is bound to usher in the high-speed expansion period. With complicated and refined manufacturing process, relying on its excellent optical design and process design capabilities, Yoranco has launched full range of 100G products including QSFP28 SR4/LR4/ER4/CWDM4/PSM4/AOC, and 100G CFP2 LR4/ER4 providing the best network connectivity solution for the data center market and cloud optical network construction.

    ④I:What is the wavelength range of CWDM products? How to define central wavelength?

    A:For CWDM product, full temperature range refers to 6.5nm's difference above or below the central wavelength , it is defined as 1xx1, the center wavelength of the 18 channels coarse wavelength respectively are : 1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm,... 1611nm.