Name:100G QSFP28 BiDi ER1 EML 1304nm/1309nm 40km Transceivers

100G QSFP28 BiDi ER1 single fiber optical transceiver modules are designed for use in 100G Ethernet links over 40km single mode fiber. The module incorporates 1 channel optical signal, operating at 100Gbps data rate. This module can convert 4 channels of 25Gbps (NRZ) electrical input data to 1 channel of 100Gbps (PAM4) optical signal, and also can convert 1 channel of 100Gbps (PAM4) optical signal to 4 channels of 25Gbps (NRZ) electrical output data. The electrical interface of the module is compliant with the OIF CEI-28G-VSR and QSFP28 MSA.

Hot-pluggable QSFP28 form factor full-duplex transceiver module

Single-channel 100G PAM4 1304.58nm/1309.14nm cooled EML transmitter and APD receiver

Data rate up to 106.25Gbps

Compliant with QSFP28 MSA (SFF-8665) and 100G Lambda MSA 100G-ER1-40

Internal 4:1 Gearbox DSP on both receiver and transmitter channels

Reach up to 40km over SMF with KP4 FEC

Simplex LC receptacle

4.5W maximum power dissipation

Case operating temperature range: C-Temp

Single 3.3V power supply

100G QSFP28 BiDi ER1 EML Tx-1304.58nm Rx-1309.14nm 40km Transceiver

100G QSFP28 BiDi ER1 EML Tx-1309.14nm Rx-1304.58nm 40km Transceiver

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